May 13 - May 21, 2002

The program

Monday, May 13

1. Course opening
2. Introduction. Basics of infectious diseases epidemiology (V.Savina, Dept. of Epidemiology, MAPS)
3. General approach to STD modelling (S.L.Plavinski)
4. IDU and heterosexual HIV epidemics

Tuesday, May 14 (Dept. of sexology, MAPS)

1. Organs and systems involved in sexual activity.
2. Psychology of sexual behavior
3. Copulative cycle

Wendsday, May 15 (Dept. of sexology, MAPS)

1. Physilogy of sexuality in males
2. Physilogy of sexuality in females
3. Forms of sexuality
4. Normality and sex

Thursday, May 16

1. Species evolution and sexula behavior (S.Plavinski)
2. Evolution of sexual morale (S.Plavinski)
3. Sexual behavior in contemporary Russian society. Survey data
4. IDU and prostitution in St.Petersburg as a risk factors of STD/HIV epidemics (NGO "Medicine du monde")

Friday, May 17

1. Consulting in sexual sphere (Dept. of sexology, MAPS)
2. Birth control and STD (Dept. of reproductive health ow women)
3. STD prevention in adolescents (Dept. of adolescent medicine, MAPS)

Monday, May 20 (NGO "Look into future")

1. Organization of primary prevention of STD
2. Training in prevention methods

Tuesday, May 21

1. Barrier methods of contraception in STD prevention. Scientific evidences of condom effectiveness (T.Dubikaitis)
2. Search for data in Internet (S.Plavinski)
3. Exam